Rice Variety "September 20 World Paella Day"
Rice Variety "September 20 World Paella Day"

Rice Variety "September 20 World Paella Day"

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The September 20 variety is round grained with a very visible pearl in the lateral center. Its origin comes from the crossing of the Senia and Bomba varieties, essential references in Valencian gastronomy. From the first, it retains its main goodness: the correct absorption of the broth. The second, greater expansion of the grain during cooking, without losing the shape and firmness of the coarse which are loose. When left to stand after cooking, September 20 rice acquires a smooth, creamy texture without hardening, retaining its shape and consistency. This variety is already a gastronomic benchmark in restaurants, appreciated by the best chefs. The September 20 variety was obtained from the Swedish Rice Department of IVIA (Valencian Institute for Agricultural Research).

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