Cecotec is a solid company, specializing in small appliances and other household items. We are looking for smart and innovative solutions to adapt our products to the ever changing user needs. 

We are dedicated to manufacturing and marketing home apps with the goal of improving people's lives. We have a wide range of products: robot vacuums, food processors, deep fryers, household items, for rest, fitness and programmable multicookers. We have various specialty brands for each product line.

Since 1995, we have worked to offer quality and trusted products adapted to constantly changing needs. We have a wide portfolio of customers for whom we have developed home appliances that have received wide acceptance in the market. Well consolidated on Spanish territory, Cecotec also distributes internationally and is always looking for new challenges, opportunities and markets in which to offer products of high differential value.  

We have a strong engagement with theinnovation and all of our products use the latest technology. We have a wide range of items with the maximum measurements of security. Among our values stand out:

  • Offer products from quality.
  • The human proximity, with personalized attention to the consumer.
  • The defense of sustainable environmental business practices. Thus, our articles guarantee reduced power consumption.
  • The search for improvement keep on going, to be able to offer the most intelligent and innovative solutions.


Our fundamental objective is to offer unique products, for this we design them taking into account the latest market trends and demand the best quality. The ease and safety of the handling of the products are also present in all the articles, which are characterized moreover by an excellent quality-price relation.

At Cecotec, we take care of every little detail, from product design to after-sales service, to provide added value. Because your well-being is important to us, we improve every day and help you choose the ideal appliance for your home.

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