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Rice "Senyoret"

We continue to explain the benefits of rice and discover its curiosities and its most famous recipes . On this occasion, we will talk about the rice of the "senyoret" (of the young man), a rice typical of the coastal area of ​​Levante, mainly south of Valencia and north of Alicante. The name of the recipe speaks of this rice, because “senyoret” rice is so called because it is prepared with peeled shrimp and minced fish. Straight from the plate to the mouth without worrying about the thorns or getting your hands dirty with seafood, hence the "young man".

If your cousin sister is the seafood paella for the main ingredient, we could say that its direct brother would be rice in strips, since none of them carries vegetables and its flavor is more intense and stronger due to the predominance of fish. If you like the contrast of flavors, you can also be accompanied by a good homemade all-i-oli.

The city of Alicante in Calpe is one of the places of maritime tradition that organized the gastronomic fair "I Fira del Peix i l'Arròs del Senyoret" last May. On this occasion, sporting and cultural activities linked to the sea are on the program, where senyoret rice will enhance the taste of seafood par excellence.

Senyoret rice To prepare a delicious senyoret rice for 4 people , we will need: 500 gr of rice, 8 shrimps, 8 crayfish, 8 shrimps, a monkfish of about 500gr, 240 gr of cuttlefish, 1/2 grated tomato, 1/2 grated tomato, 125 cc of Olive oil , morralla, salt, sweet paprika and saffron.

The first thing we will do is peel the shells and we will reserve the heads and shells. We clean the monkfish and take out the kidneys. With the backpack, the head of monkfish and the heads of seafood we will make an aroma (fish juice). In a paella, we add oil and fry the seafood a little and put it aside. Cut the cuttlefish and monkfish into cubes and when it is very fried we will put tomato, paprika and rice. We will remove and add the aroma, saffron and increase the heat to the maximum for ten minutes. Add salt, lower the heat and place the seafood we have cleaned. We leave another eight minutes in the fire, put aside, let stand a few minutes and voila!

We can already taste senyoret rice. Enjoy it!

Notice to "kitchens": try to put spicy sweet paprika instead of normal sweet paprika, you will be surprised by the touch of flavor it gives.

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